So I am trying to relax after hours at my local spot. Lil mama was being super sweet and offer her seat to roomie and I! We are enjoying our cocktails and tab time comes around. Bartender respectfully asks the group to our right to pay and they decide they want to give our bartender/ owner a hard time about paying out. Lil mama says”I’ll just pay the tab so we can all leave out together”. Apparently, offering to pay a tab is offensive and fighting words. Girls go at it and begin calling each other out of their names. My roomie steps in the middle as an attempt to diffuse situation and bitch (girl from group to right) goes at roomie and scratches her face. Then coked out dude with bitch decides to choke out sweet lil mama! I step in, at same time bartender and bar attendees step in. Words exchanged and guns pulled. We finally get the crazies out but still traumatic none the less. I had to hold lil mama back and even pick her up and place her ass on a chair. Telling her that “I am as strong as any man that’s held her back”! I wish that coked out bitch had come at me. She would not have known what to have done with my right hook. Ill be looking for you slut!



1 million views on the “This Is Gospel” video in 4 days AND we’re still in the top 10 on iTunes?! This week rules!

I am excited to hear that #panicatthedisco is getting back to their quirky roots. I really liked pretty odd but I know a lot of people didn’t appreciate the artistic quality of the album and were left wanting more upbeat, techno driven punk rock. Hopefully this venture will blend it all. So far with what I have heard I am thinking it might. Especially working with #butchwalker, this is sure to be a win.